Marriott International Sticking around in St. Kitts – Marriott St. Kitts Resort & Royal Beach Casino

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Rumors that Marriott International would be removing its brand from the St. Kitts Marriott Resort are reportedly false.  The media started flaring rumors of Marriott International eliminating Marriott time share availability to owners and renters at the St. Kitts Resort, officially known as the Marriott St. Kitts Resort & Royal Beach Casino, because of U.S.-based shareholders and time share customers heard rumors of the company’s plans to split Marriott International into two separate entities by the end of 2011.

There was wild public speculation that the purpose of Marriott International Chairman and CEO, John Willard Marriott Jr.’s visit to St. Kitts in mid-February was to discuss pulling the Marriott brand with Marriott Resort general manager Vic Dizen. Some have said that Dizen was planning to enter into a rental agreement involving the resort property if Marriott pulled the brand.

Regarding the split of Marriott International and what Marriott time share owners and renters can expect are more of a focus on lodging and the other on time share amenities through Marriott Vacation Clubs, thus enhancing the overall Marriott experience for time share owners and renters. 

As a result of St. Kitts tourism product and services, Marriott Vacation Club will expand availability along with the brand; a potential point of interest may be the Christophe Harbour, located on the South East Peninsula. 

Marriott St. Kitts Resort & Royal Beach Casino opened its doors in Frigate Bay, St. Kitts in 2002. In January 2009, the 22-villa Marriott St. Kitts Beach Club, a branch of the Marriott Vacation Club International was launched.

Marriott International making available the points-based Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program for Mexico and Central and South America time share and Resort Destinations

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Marriott Vacation Club Destinations offers greater flexibility, further personalization and more opportunities for an awesome experience for Owners and guests; and with the increasing developments from Marriot Resorts, time share owners will have more options to vacation in Mexico, Central and South America

The program was built upon a tradition of Owner involvement and reflects a broad variety of vacation options, and added flexibility makes it very appealing.

Annually, Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Owners will receive an allocation of Vacation Club Points to redeem for customized getaway experiences.  Marriot Vacation Club time share owners will have the ability to bank, borrow, transfer and purchase additional Vacation Club Points each year. In addition, the new program provides Owners the services of a personal Vacation Ownership Advisor to assist in travel arrangements within any one of the four Vacation Collections.

Perks and Programs;
Marriott Vacation Club Collection: Enjoy reservation access among 50 plus luxurious Marriott Vacation Club resorts, including: ease of any day check-in, varied lengths of stay, wide array of accommodation sizes, and more choice of travel season at resorts in North America and the Caribbean.

Marriott Collection: Choose from over 3,200 hotels and experience new destinations through trade for Marriott Rewards points.

Explorer Collection: Journey to new lands or cruise the seas in luxury with exchange for memorable and exceptional travel packages.

World Traveler Collection: Access a global system of over 2,500 resorts in more than 75 countries through Interval International.
While the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program offers this enhanced opportunity to new customers in North America, the Caribbean, and now Mexico, Central and South America; current Owners will maintain the full rights and privileges of their ownership. At the same time, existing Owners will have the choice to enroll in this new program to further enhance their vacation experience.